Koh Phangan Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program

Scientific diving in the marine park

K.R.A.M.P is our continuous reef ecosystem monitoring program on Koh Phangan. We currently monitor three bays for Live Coral Cover (LCC), fish abundance, fish,coral and other invertebrate biodiversity and functional groups.


Because it helps us to understand the state, changes and potential threats to the ecosystem Koh Phangan. Our data is coordinated with the DMCR with the goal of a Marine Protected Area for Phangan, which, at the moment, is our strongest tool in conservation.

Alessia, measuring rugosity
It has also led to the deployment of the F.A.D. (fish aggregation device), by the government.

FAD (fish aggregation device) Artificial reef
FAD (fish aggregation device) Artificial reef
We have conducted 11 Master Theses, BSc Theses and one old-school Diploma in this field, and are still working on the grand unified theses. Please check >Recent Research for the abstracts.

We constantly need helping hands for this project, please take a look at the Reef Monitoring Diver under EDUCATION for info on how to participate!


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January 18, 2015