Remember Yertle the Turtle?

A few weeks ago we were unfortunate enough to meet. Yertle got her left flipper in a net, and was delivered to CORE sea, by the caring crew of Sail Rock Divers.

CORE sea Crew, visting an old friend at the DMCR rescue station

CORE sea Crew, visiting an old friend at the DMCR rescue station, Chumpon

Together with Phangan Animal Care (PAC) and the Veterinarian in Ban Tai, we where able to stabilize her and send her to the endangered species unit of the DMCR in Chumphon.

Everything worked amazing, and we patted ourselves on the backs quite a bit, but unfortunately for Yertle, the story is far from over.

Yertle, trying not to show phantom-pain

Yertle, trying not to show phantom-pain

Yertle lost her front left flipper in the process and is now living in a small basin in the rescue facility, because it would be too dangerous for any endangered species (this one’s a Hawksbill Turtle) to be released with a massive handicap.

Fortunately, there’s quite a lot that can be done. The DMCR would like to give Yertle a fresh start, with a prosthetic flipper. Pretty cool, huh?

Unfortunately, cool stuff costs money. Money which Yertle doesn’t have, but maybe we can lend a limb?

"Would you lend a fellow Tetrapod a limb, kind missus?"

“Would you lend a fellow Tetrapod a limb, kind missus?”

Not sure if this is even possible? Neither were we, but take a look at this link:

I’m sure you can’t wait to flash your credit card to help build this ridiculously cool, bionic turtle, and get her back to Koh Phangan.  But wait a few days so we can figure out how much this is going to cost.


Not much longer now

Not much longer now

There’s going to be totally awesome shirts involved. As usual.

Your marine reptile lovers of Phangan.