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Our articles are written by resident and guest researchers, interns and other great people. We try to sort them into relevant categories – generally into Research | Current Projects| Science and Musings.

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Big Science | little words

Our research projects explained in a semi-comprehensive way, avoiding jargon and general geekiness.


Sunken Treasure

Reproduced with permission from Author. Originally published on Underwater Timber Stands the Test of Time When people think of timber harvest, Paul Bunyon in SCUBA gear is not the first image that comes to mind. However, in recent years, some companies...

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Opinions | Musings

Opinions, full of jargon and general geekiness.


The biodiversity puzzle

Core Sea life has been insanely cool the last couple of days, because we’ve been going out and diving with the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, the Thai government organization that monitors the Gulf. They are a very kind and smiley bunch. It’s funny,...

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News | Conservation

Blogs and articles about current conservation projects

Bring Back the Buoys

Good day kind reader, It’s been a while since we managed to write anything sensible about things happening on Koh Phangan (we’ve been kind of busy), so thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to take a look at a small project that we’re planning for 2015....

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