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Our research projects explained in a semi-comprehensive way, avoiding jargon and general geekiness.


Welcome to the Gulf of Thailand

Welcome to the Gulf of Thailand, which covers roughly 320,000 square-km, connecting Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia with the South China Sea, and ultimately the pacific ocean. You’ve come to visit a rather peculiar body of water. The Gulf is very young and...

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Opinions | Musings

Opinions, full of jargon and general geekiness.


News | Conservation

Blogs and articles about current conservation projects

Bionic Turtle for Koh Phangan

Bionic Turtle for Koh Phangan

Remember Yertle the Turtle? A few weeks ago we were unfortunate enough to meet. Yertle got her left flipper in a net, and was delivered to CORE sea, by the caring crew of Sail Rock Divers. Together with Phangan Animal Care (PAC) and the Veterinarian in Ban Tai, we...

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